Cybersecurity Recommendations For DSA Chapters

Host a Security Night for Your Chapter

Get your members and the public involved! Doing all the individual recommendations by yourself can be tedious and not that much fun. As a chapter leader, implement all the member recommendations and then hold a security night where you and other security-minded members can help each other out.

Secure Your Website

  1. Enable https on all pages of your site.
  1. Hide operator information – When you purchase a website domain (like, unless you pay a little bit extra, your personal information will be exposed to the internet. Go to and put in your domain and check if your personal information is exposed. If it is exposed, then you need to get in touch with your domain registrar (GoDaddy,, namecheap, etc.) and turn on privacy protection. All domain registrars have privacy protection but it just costs some money, usually around $10/year.
  1. Take a lesson from Hillary: Do not run your own email server. If you are considering running your own email server, please reach out on the DSA chatroom and we will direct you towards other projects that are more exciting and fruitful.

Protect Your Members: Collaborate Securely

Many chapters use Google Groups, Slack, Google Docs and other services to collaborate and organize. The most important thing to remember about these services is that they are public communication and all content and discussions should be kept appropriate for the public. Assume that Google and most other services will comply with all requests for documents from law enforcement. As an alternative to a simple shared Google Doc is which, while public, is hosted by an activist internet provider committed to your data security.