Building Democratic Socialism in America

Since the election, there has been a flood of new members coming into the Democratic Socialists of America, looking to help build democratic socialism in America. Many of these members are new to political organizing and hard won lessons about the basics are being relearned across the country  everyday. In the interest of speeding up how political organizing knowledge spreads within the DSA, a group of volunteers has started writing up unofficial guides  to common problems and provided digital resources that can help every DSA chapter, large or small, young or old, skip past the growing pains and become an powerful part of the political fabric of the local community.

Getting involved with the DSA

Here are some simple and easy steps you can take to get more involved with the DSA:

Recommendations for individuals

Leading a DSA Chapter

Organizing socialists can be like herding cats sometimes. Here is a list of tips and tricks to help your chapter grow and flourish:


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